VTR’s Competition Rules

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Please note that these are not guaranteed to be the most recent versions of the rules. To acquire the rules in use at any specific VTR (or VTR-sanctioned) event, please contact the event coordinator.

VTR’s Special Awards

Over the years, the Vintage Triumph Register has added several awards given annually at our National convention.  The criteria for each of the awards is intentionally high and the announcement of the winners of each is highly anticipated at the convention’s awards banquet. The special awards are:

  • The Carolina’s Cup
  • The Ken Richardson Challenge Trophy
  • The T.S. Imported Sweat Equity Award
  • The George Rabey Preservation Award
  • The Dennis Riley / Bill Wood TR8 Challenge Award
  • The Charles Macartney Daily Driver Award

Detailed explanation and history of each award.


Event Rules

There are currently on-line rules for the following events:

  • Autocross Rules
  • Concours Rules
  • Concours Judging Guidelines
  • Concours Judging Form
  • Photo, Model, and Craft Contest Rules
  • Rallyes Rules

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