Triumph Parts Suppliers

Fortunately for the Triumph enthusiast, there are a large number of parts suppliers for Triumph parts, both in the United States and in the United Kingdom. Almost any part you could possibly want for your car, ranging from special bolts or washers to complete body shells and frames can be purchased from current suppliers.

The listing of a commercial or individual’s site here in no way constitutes a recommendation by VTR for a particular vendor. These vendors have gone through no approval process to be included in this list.

The Big Three (plus one)

The Roadster Factory (aka TRF)
Armagh PA
Level One (you know the part numbers): 800-678-8764
Level Two (you need help with part numbers): 800-234-1104
Tech. Research (answers to your problems): 814-446-4491
Customer Service (after you’ve received the part): 814-446-4495
Order Fax (24 hours): 814-446-6729

Moss Motors, USA
Goleta, CA
Orders: 800-235-6954 Outside CA (except Alaska) / 800-322-6985 CA only
Info: 805-968-1041 / 805-963-0741
Tech: 800-235-6954 ext 3060

Victoria British (aka Vickie Brit, aka Sunbeam Spares)
Lenexa, KS
Orders: 800-255-0088 / 913-541-8500
Fax Number: 913-599-3299
Worldwide: 913-541-8500

In addition, suppliers outside of the USA may come in handy when attempting to source parts for some of the more unusual Triumph models. A long time supporter of VTR, and a reputable dealer is:

Rimmer Bros
Phone: 855-746-2767

Individuals in the Hobby

This first set of listings are individuals in the Triumph hobby who manufacture parts on their own to make our cars better:


Commercial Entities

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