Factory Trace & Heritage Build Certificates

Factory Trace Certificates

VTR can obtain for you a Factory Trace of Standards and early Triumph models including:

  • Standards
  • Renowns
  • 1800 & 2000 Roadsters
  • TR2/3/3A  (through commission number TS 82215)

The cost of a factory trace is currently only $35.00 for the above models. Allow 30 days for processing. Please mail your check, payable to VTR in the amount of $35.00 (for each factory trace), specifying the year, model, and commission number, to:

Bill Lynn
100 Pine Tree Lane
Riverwoods, IL 60015

Please provide your street mailing address and e-mail address with your payment.

Heritage Build Certificates

“Heritage Build Certificates” are available for all other models from the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust (BMIHT) at a cost of approximately $72.00. Models include:

  • TR2/3/3A/3B
  • TR4/TR4A
  • TR250 & TR5
  • TR 6/7/8
  • Spitfire
  • GT6
  • Stag

The certificate you receive is a certified excerpt from Standard-Triumph archives and is suitable for framing. Click here if you would like to purchase a Heritage Build Certificate for your vehicle.

Both Factory Traces and the Heritage Build Certificates typically include the following:

  • Commission Number
  • Model
  • Body Number
  • Date of manufacture (day, date, time)
  • Exterior Color
  • Interior Color (indicating leather or vinyl)
  • Top and Side Curtains Color
  • Delivery Destination
  • Options Details
  • Sometimes the Engine Number

Sample Factory Trace certificate. (Click to enlarge)

Sample Heritage Build certificate. (Click to enlarge)

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