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The Triumph Sports Owners Association (TSOA) was the factory- sponsored club for 26 years from 1956-1981. The TSOA was originally started as a sales tool, with the TSOA Newsletter sent free to every new Triumph owner. From October of 1958 through December of 1981, the TSOA newsletter was published in the same format, changing at various times from a monthly to bi-monthly and quarterly publication. The newsletter had a peak circulation of nearly 40,000, paid for by Triumph. It ended however, with the demise of Triumph in 1981.

The Vintage Triumph Register took over the publication of Triumph information. The VTR inherited the logo, badges, and history of the TSOA.

These newsletters are interesting to read, as they describe glory days of Triumph. and its role in the fascinating, volatile, always optimistic automotive business.

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Year 1955
TSOA Organization Letter
April, 1955 Volume I, No. 1
May, 1955 Volume I,  No. 2
June, 1955 Volume I,  No. 3
July, 1955 Volume I,  No. 4
August, 1955 Volume I,  No. 5
September, 1955 Volume I,  No. 6
October, 1955 Volume I,  No. 7
November, 1955 Volume I,  No. 8
December, 1955 Volume I,  No. 9
Year 1956
January, 1956 Volume II,  No. 1
February, 1956 Volume II,  No. 2
March-April, 1956 Volume II,  No. 3 & 4
May, 1956 Volume II,  No. 5
June, 1956 Volume II, No. 6
July, 1956 Volume II,  No. 7
September-October, 1956 Volume II,  No. 8 & 9
November, 1956 Volume II,  No. 10
December, 1956 Volume II,  No. 11
Year 1957
January, 1957 Volume III,  No. 13
February, 1957 Volume III, No. 14
March-April, 1957 Volume III No. 15 & 16
July-August, 1957 Volume III, No. 7 & 8
September, 1957 Volume III, No. 9
October-Nov, 1957 Volume III, No. 10 & 11
December, 1957 Volume III, No. 12
Year 1958
January, 1958 Volume IV, No. 1
February, 1958 Volume IV, No. 2
March, 1958 New York International Automobile Show
April-May, 1958 They’re Off!
June, 1958 They’re Back
July, 1958 Another Triumph In The Alps
Special Note* We suspect that TSOA August, 1958 and September, 1958 were not written because July, 1958 is Vol. IV, No.7 and October, 1958 is Vol. IV, No. 8. If anyone has TSOAs that contradict this conclusion, please send electronic copies to us.
October, 1958 1958 Rally Photo Winners
November, 1958 1959 Triumphs Announced
December, 1958 Merry Christmas – Best Wishes for 1959
Year 1959
January, 1959 Photo Contest Announced – Enter Now!
February, 1959 U. S. Monte Carlo Team Drivers Triumph
March, 1959 March Photo Winner -Final Rally Itineraries Announced
April, 1959 TR-3 Gets 97.40 Miles Per Gallon
May, 1959 Three-Car Factory Team Entered At LeMans
June, 1959 1959 Rally Issue
July, 1959 2 Class Wins In Alpine…2nd At Marlboro
August, 1959 Class Records Smashed by TR-3 At Monza
September, 1959 Four Triumphs Entered in USAC American Int’l Rally
October, 1959 Winter Service Issue
November, 1959
 TR-3 American International Rally Team Takes 5 Awards
December, 1959
Cover: Merry Christmas
Year 1960
January, 1960
 1960 Triumph Rallies of Europe Announced
February, 1960
 New Member Handbooks Off The Press
March, 1960 SCCA Adopts “Performance” Classification for 1960 Racing Season
April, 1960  New Triumph Herald Sports Coupe and Convertible Unveiled
May, 1960  Happy Americans Leave for Triumph Rally of Europe
June, 1960  Yankees Go Home After Glorious European Rally
July, 1960  Meet The TR-S
August, 1960  TSOA 6500 Strong
September, 1960 Regional TSOA’s Adopt Emblems
October, 1960
 1961 Fifth Year For Triumph Rallies of Europe
November, 1960  Standard-Triumph Auto Association Announced
December, 1960  1961 Triumph Rally Plans Changed
Year 1961
January, 1961  Our Plans For TSOA In 1961
February, 1961  Triumph Herald Does It Again
March, 1961 Northern Illinois TSOA Wins Challenge Cup
April, 1961 1961 Spring Service Issue
May, 1961 TEJAS TSOA Sponsors Gala Benefit
June, 1961 Herald Coupe Wins Tulip Rally
July, 1961 Le Mans Team Victory To Triumph!
August, 1961 Two New Local Chapters Started
September, 1961  Special Edition (Triumph TR4)
October, 1961 Congratulations, Phil Hill!
November, 1961 38.99 MPG, Triumph TR3 Wins Mobil Rally
December, 1961 TSOA Wishes You All a Merry Christmas And a Happy And Successful New Year
Year 1962
January, 1962 1962 Is Sure To Be a Triumph Year
February, 1962 Triumph Racing Plans Announced
March, 1962 Yes, There Will Be a TR-4 Rally of Europe!
April, 1962 European Rally Deadline Approaches
May, 1962 Make Your European Rally Decision Now!
June, 1962 Exciting New Car Introduced By Triumph
July, 1962 Triumph Leads National And 3 Divisional Championships
August, 1962 TSOA Congratulates the Rogans
Sept-October, 1962 Bob Tulius Clinches National EP Championship
November, 1962 Triumph Racing Plans For 1963
December, 1962 TSOA Wishes You All A Good Olde-Fashioned Merrie Christmas
Year 1963
January, 1963 Triumph’s Exciting New Sports Car
February, 1963 Sebring ’63
March-April, 1963 Sebring ’63 Souvenir Issue
May, 1963 Star Attractions At The N.Y. Auto Show
June, 1963 Bridgehampton Nationals
July, 1963 TRI-O-RAMA
August, 1963 Jim Spencer 1st Overall CP, DP At Watkins Glen Nationals
September, 1963 Tullius Takes DP: Spencer Settles for 2nd
October, 1963 British Car Trophy Day
November, 1963 This Story Really Needs No Headline…
December, 1963 Season’s Greetings
Year 1964
January, 1964  Ten Thousand Four Hundred and Seventeen  plus Charlie
February, 1964  Look Out World – Here Come the Spitfires
March, 1964 Competition Issue… and The Issue Is Competition
April, 1964 Flash!
May, 1964  Quo Vadis Triumph… and for why?
June, 1964 Bob Tullius – Triumph’s two-years-in-a-row SCCA National Champ
July, 1964 TRI-O-RAMA 64
August, 1964 Team Triumph Wins MG 1000 Rally
September, 1964 Canadian American Triumph Meet
October, 1964 A True Story… About An Adventurous Frenchman
November, 1964 A Year Of Triumph
December, 1964 Season’s Greetings
Year 1965
January, 1965 TSOA Membership Tops 13,000!
February, 1965 Triumph At Sebring ’65
March, 1965 Welcome… TR-4A!
April, 1965 Triumph At Sebring
May, 1965 The New York International Automobile Show
June, 1965 National Championship Races and Results That Speak For Themselves
July, 1965 Triumph At Le Mans
August, 1965 From The Rocker Cover
September, 1965 We’re Stealing Once Again
October, 1965 The Triumph 2000
November, 1965 Triumph In Competition
December, 1965 Seasons Greetings
Year 1966
January, 1966 1946
February, 1966 Sebring TR-4A’s Ready; Tri-O-Rama Set
March, 1966 TR-4 Vies With TR-4A At Daytona
April, 1966 Triumphs Take Sebring Team Trophy; They Win What They Set Out To Win!
May, 1966 Britain By Triumph
June, 1966 How To Watch A Race
July, 1966 Triumph Touring
August, 1966 100,00 Mile Triumph
September, 1966 Cleveland Clubs Boom!
October, 1966 The Kukla Kaper II
November, 1966 Sebring Come Home!
December, 1966 International Registration Letters
Year 1967
January, 1967
Triumph Launches New GT-6
February, 1967 The Crafty Spitfire Caper
March, 1967 On Show at the Shows
April, 1967 Triumph Breaks Fast In ’67
May, 1967 Triumph Mark III Spitfire here
June, 1967 Corsa Nostra Takes Over Wisconsin TSOA!
July, 1967
Test Your Memory
August, 1967
The Hill Climb Angle
September, 1967 TR’s Flock To Leyland-Triumph Trophy Race
October, 1967 Something New’s Shaping Up Here
November, 1967 TR250 Joins Triumph Line
December, 1967 Season’s Greetings
Year 1968
January, 1968 Kas will Keep New Year’s Resolution
February, 1968 TF Prototype Slated for Sebring
March, 1968
Triumphs Win-Place-Show At Vegas National, Odds Look Good for ’68 Season
April, 1968
250-K Shines Briefly at Sebring
May, 1968 Auto Show Crowds Turn On At TR-250 Psychedelic Light Display
June, 1968 MK 3 Spitfire Stars Coast to Coast
July, 1968 Speeders Beware! GT-6 On Patrol
August, 1968 World Market Challenge
September, 1968 1968 Champions Emerge
Oct-November, 1968 1969 New Model Section – ARRC Qualifiers
December, 1968 A Real Rousing Christmas! – Three For Triumph At Riverside
Year 1969
January, 1969 Cover: Here’s The TR6
February, 1969 TR-6 Deliveries Held Up By Dock Strike
March, 1969 Up, Up And Away
April, 1969 Triumph’s Magic Box
May, 1969 Car And Driver Award to MK3
 June, 1969 Charlie Gates Takes Cal Club SCCA Post
 July, 1969 Untitled
August, 1969 New Jackets Available For Style-Wise Members
September, 1969
TR-6 Conquers Nurburgring
October, 1969 Ventura Group Completes Mission
November, 1969 Olympic Challenge Planned
December, 1969 Thanksgiving At Daytona
Year 1970
January, 1970
’70 Support Program Announced
February, 1970 The 70’s…More Than Meets the Eye
March, 1970 Untitled
April, 1970 Spitfire Does It Again
May, 1970 Auto Show Issue
June, 1970
Wisconsin Members Enjoy “Triumph Clinic”
July, 1970
V-8 Stag Introduced in England
August, 1970
Our Lucky Number Is Six
September, 1970
Wolf-Man Becomes Rallymaster
October, 1970
Road Atlanta
November, 1970
Rallies Still Tops With Local TSOA Clubs
December, 1970
Christmas Cheers For John Kelly And Don Devendorf!
Year 1971
January, 1971 Spitfire Mark IV Is Here
February, 1971 Now its the GT-6 MK 3
March, 1971 Triumph Stag To Debut
April, 1971 Presenting… The Triumph Stag
May, 1971 Kastner-Brophy Spitfire Tops DP Cars
June, 1971 Triumph Sales Headed Up!
July, 1971
 Resume for a Car Sales”Man”
August, 1971  Mission Trail 4
September, 1971
Triumph Sales Near Record
October, 1971
ARRC, 1971… Down To The Wire
Nov-December, 1971 Best Wishes for 1972
Year 1972
January, 1972 Triumph Sells Record Number of Sports Cars
February, 1972 Triumphant Bus Tour
March, 1972 Early Races Won By Triumph Teams
April, 1972
Computer Selects Your Triumph
May, 1972 Triumph Offers Historic Poster
June, 1972 “U.S.A. Only”-What It Means
July, 1972
Racing Season Peaks
August, 1972 Triumph Will Pace 1973 Sebring Race
September, 1972 Triumph Sponsors M*A*S*H
October, 1972 Divisional Champs Acclaimed
November, 1972 20 Years of TRs
December, 1972 Best Wishes For 1973!
Year 1973
January, 1973 Here Come the ’73 Triumphs
Feb-March, 1973 Triumph Touring Club Charity Rally Smashes All Records
April, 1973 Triumph’s Golden Anniversary
May, 1973 Spitfire Rated Tops by Car and Driver readers
June, 1973 Triumph Competition Victories Multiply
July, 1973  200,000 Spitfires Built
August, 1973 TR6 Stars
September, 1973 Nelson Ledges Gets British Leyland Bridge
October, 1973 Triumphs Take Road To Atlanta Cline Qualifies There
November, 1973 Spitfires Win Two National Championships At Atlanta
December, 1973 British Leyland Announces 1974 Triumphs
Year 1974
January, 1974  ‘The Making of a Race Driver’
February, 1974 Fuel Economy and the 1974 Triumphs
March, 1974 Fuel Economy and Your Right Foot
April, 1974 That’s Show Business!
May, 1974 Triumph Race Team Resumes its Winning Ways
June, 1974 The Short & Happy Life of the Sensational Straight 8 Dolomite
July, 1974 Wimbledon Tennis Champs Awarded Triumph Cars
August, 1974  For Group 44 Fans…
September, 1974 Co-operative Effort Helps Nelson Ledges, Ohio, Racetrack
October, 1974 Tennis Champion Gets His TR6
November, 1974  Rick Cline / Road Atlanta Wrap-Up
December, 1974 British Leyland Announces New Triumphs
Year 1975
January, 1975  Triumph’s Entirely New Sports Car – The TR7
Feb-March, 1975 TR7 On The Road
Apr-May, 1975  Group 44 Celebrates 10th Anniversary
June-July, 1975 Cover: Special TR6 Pick-Up
Aug-September, 1975  Rally to Triumph — Yes Really!
Oct-November, 1975 Triumph Sets New Class Records At Atlanta
December, 1975 Happy New Year from Triumph
Year 1976
Jan-February, 1976 1976 Looks Big for Triumph in Motorsports
Mar-April, 1976 The TR7 Sports/Racer
May-June, 1976 Sliding Sunroof for TR7
Jul-August, 1976 Special TR7 Announced
Sep-October, 1976 Paul Newman’s TR6 Wins at Atlanta
Nov-December, 1976 TR7’s First Full Year in America
Year 1977
Jan-February, 1977 Triumph TR7 Enters the Exciting World of High Performance Rallies
Mar-May, 1977 1977 Triumph Line Announced
June-July, 1977 Triumph International Rally Held on Long Island
Aug-September, 1977 News of Two More Big Triumph Rallies
Oct-November, 1977 Spitfire 1500’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Class At Atlanta Championship
December, 1977 Buffum’s TR7 Wins 1977 Pro Rally Championship
Year 1978
Jan-February, 1978 Convertibles Are For Skate-Boarding
Mar-April, 1978 New Triumph Line Announced For 1978
May-June, 1978 “No Title” (continues from March April)
Jul-August, 1978 Sixty TR-2 and TR-3 Series Triumphs Compete At West Virginia National Meet
Sep-October, 1978 Triumph TR7 Production Starts At Coventry
Nov-December, 1978 A Hobby Second To None
Year 1979
Jan-February, 1979 New Cooling System, New Bumpers For 1979 Spitfire
Mar-April, 1979 The Story of  TR7 To Date
May-June, 1979 And Now – The TR7 Convertible
Jul-August, 1979 New V8 Triumphs In Races And Rallies
Sep-November, 1979 Lee Mueller Wins National Racing Championship with TR7
December, 1979 World’s Fastest Triumph (178 mph) TR8
Year 1980
Jan-February, 1980 1980 Triumph Spitfire Sports Car Announced
Mar-April, 1980 Triumph Introduces a V8-Powered Sports Car – The TR8
May-July, 1980 Concourse Season Off To A Hot Start
Aug-September, 1980 A New Triumph Model -TR7 Sprint
Oct-November, 1980 1980 SCCA Road Racing Championships At Atlanta
December, 1980 TR8 and Buffum – Champions Again
Year 1981
Jan-February, 1981 Special ‘Tribute to Spitfire’ Issue
Mar-June, 1981  Triumph TR7 Adds Fuel Injection for 1981
July-September, 1981 Over 100 Triumphs At TRA Annual  Meet
Oct-December, 1981  TSOA to be merged into Vintage Triumph Register
Year 1982
Jan-February, 1982 English Channel and TSOA Merge


The following individuals (listed in alphabetical order) played a huge part in gathering and digitizing this archive.  We gratefully acknowledge their contribution to the Triumph community.

Dale Fenwick
Mark Hamrick
Obin Hamrick
Terry Hamrick
Tom Householder
Leslie S. Lee
Steele Lipe
Lou Metelko
Tom Myers
Mark Silverberg
Dean Tetterton

If we’ve left anyone off the list it was not intentional and we’re glad to add others who helped! Drop an email to webmaster@vtr.org.

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