Triumph TR6 Window Seals

by Kenneth Streeter, streeter@sanders.com

Steve Sutton had asked about the application of the TR6 window seals on the Triumphs mailing list: Subject: TR-6 rubber seals (74 1/2 TR-6) Date: Wed, 2 Oct 1996 13:34:53 -0700 From: Steve Sutton To: triumphs@autox.team.net I am just finishing up installing the last rubber seals on my TR-6 and have run into a snag. I don’t how two of the seals are correctly installed. The first is the seal that is glued to the each side of the windshield frame and helps seal the side windows. The seal has part # 620913 and looks like this is cross-section ‘O_’ . Does the ‘O’ portion align with the outer edge of the windshield frame or the other side (the ‘_’ portion)? Also, the front hood (bonnet) seal has a slight curve when looking at it’s cross-section. Does the curve go up (toward the hood) or down (toward the grill)? In order to answer the question, I took a quick jog out to the parking lot to take a look at my TR6 (74 1/2, CF 27535) to see how these seals are installed. I don’t know for certain that the seals are as applied by the factory, but they sure seem like it!

However, trying to describe in text what this all looked like, it became clear that a picture would be worth at least a thousand words. Thus, here is my somber attempt at a line art depicting how the window seal and door seal are attached to the side of the windshield frame: (the below diagram is of the right side window)

window-sealsAs for the front bonnet seal, it is much simpler. The curve goes up towards the bonnet. (This seal is mostly horizontal, as the seal itself is applied to the “bent-over” top lip of the front valence.) The below drawing may help demonstrate what this looks like. (The drawing is from the perspective of kneeling next to the right side of the car, so that the seal is at eye level, looking at the bonnet seal, with the hood raised.)

front-bonnet-sealI hope these are understandable! If there are better artists out there, feel free to improve upon my diagrams, and send them to me to put in this page!

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