TR6 Soft Top Folding Instructions

Pete Chadwell, dynamic@transport.com

Here is a brief description of how to fold the TR6 soft top without damaging the rear quarter windows. This procedure is also described, with pictures, in the TR6 owner’s handbook.

With the top up, open each latch under the header rail. Then unsnap the six snaps under the quarter windows. Then separate the velcro strips running along the tops of the side windows. You’ll have to unsnap the (five, I believe) snaps inside above the rear window. Now, (on the outside) grab the header rail in the middle with one hand, and the flap above the rear window with the other. Lift both, pulling the vinyl away from the top frame as it collapses. Now the vinyl should all be lying


flat on the rear deck, with the quarter windows sticking out to the sides. the only place the vinyl is attached to the frame now is at the header rail, which is now stowed. Now lift the vinyl up and fold it forward over the top frame. Now, the quarter windows are still sticking out to the sides, but the rear window is facing up, right above the stowed top frame. Now fold each quarter window panel in over the rear window. (I put a soft towel on top of the rear window at this point, just for good measure, before folding the quarter windows in on top of it.) Now you can button up your top boot.Hope this helps! Pete Chadwell, dynamic@transport.com
1973 TR6

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