Radiator Removal on a TR6

by Ken Streeter

15 May 1995 Removing the radiator on the TR6 is a relatively easy task, and is required for a number of other maintenance tasks such as replacement of the anti-roll bar. The below summary is similar to what would be found in the shop manual, but with some addded notes/precautions.

Step by Step Radiator Removal

  1. Place front end of the car on jackstands. Although this step is not strictly required, I found it a practical necessity in order to be able to loosen the bottom radiator hose, particularly with a drain pan placed underneath the car.
  2. Remove bottom radiator hose from radiator. This will probably be the most difficult part of the entire radiator removal. It is typically quite stuck (if it wasn’t leaking), and is in an awkward spot. Be sure to have a drain pan with a 8 quart capacity under the hose before you take it off!
  3. Remove top hose from radiator. If you got the bottom hose off, this one should be a breeze!
  4. Loosen nut/bolt holding radiator

    stays at chassis end. These nut/bolt pairs only need to be loosened enough to allow the radiator stay bracket to pivot on this bolt. These are often rusted on quite securely.
  5. Remove nuts attaching radiator stays to radiator. No real surprises here, although later models will require first removing the charcoal canister on the passenger side. The charcoal canister can be removed from the canister bracket after loosening the strap.
  6. Rotate radiator stays off of and away from the radiator.
  7. Remove nut, lockwasher, and spacer from lower radiator mounting bolts. On later models, the anti-runon valve will need to be removed from the charcoal canister bracket in order to gain access to the lower radiator bolt on the passenger side. (The anti-runon valve is removed from the bracket by rotating it 45 degrees, and lifting it out.) After removing the nut, lockwasher, and spacer from the passenger side radiator, the charcoal canister bracket is free to be removed.
  8. Lift radiator out of the car. Be careful not to whack the radiator against the fan when lifting it out. The fins are easily bent! Bent fins can be easily straightened out with a small screwdriver, good lighting, and a lot of patience!

Ken Streeter streeter@sanders.com

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