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Welcome to the Vintage Triumph Register web site. This award-winning VTR web site has been assembled through the co-operative efforts of many VTR members. Ken Streeter, the originator and founder of the VTR site,  and Andy Mace and Carl Musson , as early contributors, but thanks are due many others, including: Glenn Merrell, Mark Bradakis, Tim Buja, Chris Kantarjiev, Arthur Kelly, Dan Masters, Jamie Palmer, Larry Schilling, Larry Snyder, The Temple of Triumph , Margaret Watson, Dale Will, Bob Bownes and Jill Kallos.

Also, thank-you to Blake Discher for volunteering the time and resources required to coordinate the re-design of the VTR web site you see today.

Call for Volunteers and Triumph Enthusiasts

If you would like to help by contributing to these fine Triumph pages, please send email to the webmaster. Please indicate your model specialty or area of expertise. Please help to make these pages a current and accurate resource for Triumph enthusiasts worldwide by becoming a VTR volunteer today!

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