Removing Brake Drum Screws

by Kevin Spooner

I recently learned a neat trick for removing the small screws holding the brake drum to the hub. It is going to be hard to explain in words (a demonstration is worth 10M words).

You need a heavy sharp pointed punch, a good quality center punch will work. Place the tip of the punch in the screw slot near one end and angled so that the direction of force when it is hit will loosen the screw. Now hit the punch

lightly with a hammer to set it so it won’t slip when you realy beat it. Once it is set you can wail on the punch and the screw will start to turn. Once it starts to turn you can remove it with a screw driver because you have only damaged a small part of the slot. You can even reuse the screw. This avoids any potential damage to the seals, hubs, etc. from heating, and is a lot faster than drilling.

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